Golf Gods GC FAQs

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions! If you have questions that are not listed here, feel free to contact us by emailing your query to [email protected]


  • Membership

  • When and where will GGGC events be held?

    GGGC events will be held Australia wide both a local levels and also larger formats. Small local competitive days will be arranged as memberships grows. The larger format golf events will be held unto 6 times a years in various states across Australia.

  • How to I redeem my Golf Gods gift voucher?

    Once you become a GGGC Full Member (not direct debit) or an Affiliated member you will receive an email with your special gift voucher code. To redeem your voucher, simply select the items you would like from and simply enter the code in at the end of checkout and the amount of your voucher will be deducted from the sale.

  • What discounts to members get at

    All GGGC members receive 25% of future purchases on The 25% discount doesn’t include the initial member voucher or on top of other sales ran by Golf Gods.

  • Can non GGGC members play in GGGC events?

    GGGC members will get first preference to all events. Any left over spots will become available to non members. All non members must hold a valid GA handicap for competitive events. Tickets for non-members to social events will be available.

  • How can I claim my free rounds from GGGC course sponsors?

    Part of your GGGC membership offers your some free or discounted rounds at some of our course sponsors. To redeem these rounds, simply call the course to book your tee time and mention to them you’re are GGGC member. You will be require to present your GGGC membership card upon arriving at the pro shop.

  • How long are the free rounds valid for?

    All free and discounts rounds are valid for 12 months. Each year your free rounds will be available again for each member.

  • Privacy

  • What does my insurance cover?

    Golfers have a potential liability every time they set foot on a golf course, whether as a player, guest or spectator. That liability can arise from playing or practising golf, using motorised buggies or attending golf events. Now all Golf Australia affiliated golfers have on-course protection through Golfer's Personal Liability. To see more details on the insurance cover for golfers please go to